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The Road Out of COVID Lockdown

General Lifting of Lockdown Orders

The lifting of restrictions (including current trading restrictions on hotels) will take place from the Monday after NSW passes the 70% double vaccination target. On the current trajectory, this is likely to mean that the effective date of reopening will be Monday 18 October, however we will continue to keep members informed of any likely deviation from this date.

Venue Reopening Conditions

· Hospitality venues can reopen subject to one person per 4 square metres inside and one person per 2 square metres outside.

· Standing while drinking will be permitted outside only.

· Masks will remain mandatory for patrons and front of house staff in indoor areas of hotels. Only hospitality staff will be required to wear a mask when outdoors. Children aged under 12 will not need to wear a mask indoors.

Vaccination Requirements

Only fully vaccinated people 16 and over and those with medical exemptions will have access to licensed venues and other freedoms allowed under the Reopening NSW roadmap.

Non-vaccinated young people aged under 16 will be permitted to attend hotels in the company of a responsible adult who is a member of their household.

While further details will be forthcoming, it is therefore clear that both patrons and staff will be fully vaccinated as a condition of entry and employment at licensed premises upon reopening.

Where to get vaccinated

In the meantime, members should encourage staff to take steps to obtain a vaccination. This link is a useful resource to assist staff in locating a vaccination clinic in their area.

Weddings and Funerals

· Up to 50 guests can attend weddings, with dancing permitted and eating and drinking only while seated.

· Up to 50 guests can attend funerals, with eating and drinking while seated.

Further Information and COVID Safety Plans

There will be a range of further details and conditions of reopening that will need to be clarified in a public health order, and importantly a revised COVID Safety Plan. The AHA NSW is working directly with the NSW Government on the details of the Safety Plan and we will provide members with a further update in the coming weeks.

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